Determining of Compatible Different Attributes for Online Mentoring Model…

Pratya Nuankaew*, and Punnarumol Temdee

Abstract: Online mentoring has nowadays become popular because it can be used in various applications. Particularly in the education area, the mentoring generally means interaction between the teachers as mentors and the students as mentees. In order to work together successfully, this paper believes that not only some common attributes between the mentor and the mentee are required but also some compatible have different attributes. This paper thus proposes the attributes for online monitoring model named compatible different attributes. There are 2 sets of compatible different attributes including mentee and mentor attributes. Both sets are represented in different size of matrix elements. The objective of this paper is to study in which extent the proposed compatible different attributes can be used for online mentoring model. The empirical study is conducted with 74 lecturers and 588 students from the Faculty of Information and Technology, Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University. They are asked to complete the survey questionnaire to obtain the satisfaction value. Consequently, the satisfaction results showed that the proposed attributes can reasonably be used for online monitoring model.

Keywords: Mentoring Model, Online Modeling, Teacher Model, Student Model