Development Knowledge Management Pattern for Entrepreneurship in Upper-Northern Thailand Wellness Tourism…

Ploykwan Jedeejit*, Pratya Nuankaew and Wongpanya Nuankaew

Abstract: The aim of this study focuses on knowledge management in entrepreneurship for develop knowledge by integrated knowledge based capital in Thailand. At present time the world society has changed in changed in almost every aspect, affecting adjustments in economy, culture, way of life and value. In nowadays people have to adapt either their work or career to survive. Entrepreneur as well as Thai economy have to adjust themselves to the global changes and step into the new world sustainably. Knowledge based economy is a concept that could be developed into a strategy to help progress into the new world sustainably by using the Thai wisdom or knowledge capital, which is the knowledge transformed generation to generation from the ancient time until now. It is the nation’s intellectual property and belongs to all Thais. In consequence Thai wisdom or knowledge capital could be developed and added value to products and services. The researcher purpose the concept or model for integrated local knowledge in term of wellness and international concept for success Thai service industries in wellness tourism.

Keywords:  Wellness Tourism; Entrepreneurship; Knowledge Based; Creative Economy