Hidden Academic Relationship between Academic Achievement and Higher Education Institutions…

Wongpanya Nuankaew, Pratya Nuankaew, Sittichai Bussaman and Passakorn Tanasirathum

Abstract: The objective of this paper was to discover the hidden academic relationship between academic achievement and higher education institutions. This paper presented an approach that could be utilised to identify the sets of attributes by combining decision tree and attribute selection. The main idea involves using techniques from the field of data mining to select important attributes, which can then be used to classify a hidden academic relationship. The dataset was collected from 288 students at 7 schools located in Maha Sarakham and Kalasin Provinces, Thailand. The best model showed an accuracy of 82.99%, meaning the significant attributes could be used to conduct further research.

Keywords: Academic Achievement; Academic Engagement; Hidden Academic Relationship; Education Mining