Lifelong Learning Application: Mobile Application to Promote Lifelong Learning and Introduce Educational Institutions…

Wongpanya Nuankaew*, Pratya Nuankaew, Kanakarn Phanniphong

Abstract: Education is the raising of the thinking process and developing the mind in a broader perspective. However, education that is comprehensive and appropriate to the individual according to its potential, ability and skill is too hardest to describe. Thus, matching and referral institutions, including education model that suits the person’s behavior has been receiving attention. The purpose of this research is to study and develop the applications that support the development of the learner’s education process with the highest degree of achievement. The material and method are consisting of five main processes, including 1) requirement definition, 2) system and software design, 3) implementation and unit testing, 4) integration and system testing, and 5) operation and maintenance. The data collection were collected from 431 samples, which divided into 4 targets; 186 high school students at Phadungnaree School, Maha Sarakham province, 191 university students at Rajabhat Mahasarakham University, 12 head of institutions at Phadungnaree School and Rajabhat Mahasarakham University, and 42 secondary teachers and university lecturers at Phadungnaree School and Rajabhat Mahasarakham University. According to the results of research, it is indicated that the total satisfaction toward the application are highest, which is equal to 4.32, and the groups with the highest levels of satisfaction are university students, which is equal to 4.43. It can be concluded that the application is appropriate and it is advisable for students who wish to study at university.

Keywords: Lifelong Learning Application, Datamining in Education, Students’ Academic Achievement, Education Engineering Systems




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