Mobile Applications for the Prediction of Learning Outcomes for Learning Strategies and Learning Achievement in Lifelong Learning…

Pratya Nuankaew*, Wongpanya Nuankaew, Kanakarn Phanniphong, and Sittichai Bussaman

Abstract: In the age of the Internet and communication technology, changes in Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) and Lifelong Learning Styles (LLS) are becoming a part of education and everyday life. The objectives of this paper were to develop a mobile application and provide perspectives for Learning Strategies (LS) and Learning Achievement (LA) in lifelong learning at the high school level in Maha Sarakham Province, Thailand. This research focused on the identifica-tion of the initial steps required to build academic achievement. Data collection was divided into two parts, comprised of 1) data sets for model analysis and ap-plication development from 668 students at Phadungnaree School in Maha Sa-rakham, and 2) data sets for application testing and level of satisfaction collected from 23 IT specialists and 72 general users at Rajabhat Mahasarakham Universi-ty, Thailand. The research methodology consisted of five principal steps includ-ing 1) data collection, 2) model analysis, 3) model performance, 4) mobile appli-cation development, and 5) application implementation. The results from the model analysis showed that the research models displayed high accuracy equal to 94.51%. When developed as an association rule, the model could predict with in-creased accuracy equal to 98.35%. At the same time, the level of satisfaction for the developed applications was also high, equal to 4.61. Therefore, it could be concluded that this application is appropriate and reasonable for recommendation to interested parties in the future.

Keywords: Learning Strategies; Learning Achievement; Lifelong Learning; Data Mining in Education



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