The Prediction of Cultural Tourism Style in the Northern of Thailand…

Pratya Nuankaew and Wongpanya Nuankaew

Abstract: Education for development infrastructure and facilities have contributed significantly to the promotion of tourism potential of tourism in Thailand. The objectives of this paper are 1) to study the behaviour and lifestyle of tourism, and 2) to create the basic model for presenting the ideas. To discover the significant factors and to present the conceptual idea, three main processes were employed to identify the critical factors, included data collection, data processing, and data visualization. Sampling was collected from 700 tourists who had travelled to two separated areas, including Wat Si Khom Kham, a Buddhist temple in Phayao, and Wat Rong Khun, a Buddhist temple in Chiang Rai. The tools used to discover the factors were decision tree and association rule. Based on the results and accuracy, 14 significant factors were identified, including 7 factors concerning tourist attractions, 4 factors concerning government policies and 3 factors concerning individual behaviour. Moreover, the model exhibited 74.43 % accuracy that the constructed model could reasonably reveal the relationship between tourist attractions and travellers’ individual behaviour and lifestyle for the promotion of travel recommendations.

Keywords: Forecasting Model, Cultural Tourism Style, Data Analytics, Service Learning

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