The Recommended System for the Relationship between Educational Programs and Students’ Interests…

Pratya Nuankaew*, Wongpanya Nuankaew, and Thammarat Thamma

Abstract: Matching educational programs with students’ interests is important because it provides the opportunity for each student to attend the university most conducive to success. However, it is a difficult challenge to identify the factors that affect the relationship between universities and students. Thus, this paper aimed to identify the factors that were significant and interrelated to both, consisting of four key processes including conducting a survey, extracting data, identifying critical factors, and measuring performance. At the core of the process analysis is the employment of a decision tree method and feature selection approach to classify and test performance, including accuracy, precision and recall. The dataset was collected from 256 students at the University of Phayao and Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University. The results showed that the performance of the model utilizing five critical factors and a decision tree model with two depth levels was most appropriate with 81.46% accuracy.

Keywords: Recommended System; Educational Programs; Student Interests; Decision Tree