To Study: The Significant Factors of Tourism Promotion with Clustering Methods…

Wongpanya Nuankaew*, Pratya Nuankaew, and Thapanapong Sararat

Abstract: According to the sentence, “Thailand is the definition of Leisure Fantastic”. This paper aims to study significant factors of tourism promotion with clustering methods. Three main processes will be adopted in this study to find out critical factors, including developing tools, collecting data, and analyzing data. The samples were collected from 301 datasets obtained from online and offline questionnaires. The methods used to study the factors are statistical methods and k-mean algorithms. Based on the results, the methods point out 14 significant factors including 7 factors of tourist attractions, 4 factors of government policies, and 3 factors of individual behavior. In addition, the results composed of three groups of cluster, which show the relationship between tourism and the behavior of individuals in the promotion of tourism.


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